About Druidical

Druidical is a print and online Bardic Art and Literary Journal. It is devoted to honoring the breath of Awen that arises from our direct and indirect connection with the spirit, stories, and beings of the land.

In the Druid tradition, Awen means, ‘inspiration; the flowing spirit of our creative nature.’ The experience of Awen infuses us with ‘Bright Knowledge,’ which nurtures in us a spiritual 

understanding, leading to the discovery of a pathway to wholeness and relationship with the land.

​Within Druidical, we share the works of Awen that have been touched by the three drops of the cauldron. Works that guide us to the grove of the deep forest, teaches us to swim with the salmon of wisdom, shapeshifts us in to the great bear, or compels us to trance dance around the fire. Works that invite us into the myths and legends of our ancestors.

We accept works that speak to Druidry, nature, spirituality, and paganism. We accept original short format pieces of all genres for submission, whether traditional or experimental, including (but not limited to) poems, new myths, stories, fairy tales, essays, short and flash fiction, drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography, music and creative art and writing which defy conventional and traditional styles for submission.

Druidical was created to establish a venue for highlighting current and innovative works of awen within all communities and cultures which seek to re-awaken the wonder and awe of Gaia in each of us. And to acknowledge the deeper relationship which exists that guide us from exile to remembering our role in nurturing and nourishing this life affirming planet we share sanctuary with all beings. Many in the creative world and beyond yearn for community and an opportunity to be heard and witnessed. WE hope this journal provides this type of sacred space to achieve this.

This first edition of the journal was a fund-raising effort of the members of the GMSD Heartfire clan, who made their pilgrimage to the UK after completing their 3 year training.

Our mission is to support the Bardic lineage of the Druid tradition.

The Druidical is not directly associated with any particular Druid order, although will highlight nature-based communities who choose to be acknowledged and recognized in their contributions to this journal. You do not have to be a Druid or a member of a Druid community to contribute to this journal.

Druidical is available in both print and digital versions and can be purchased here.


Mary Kay Kasper
Co-Founder & Editor

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"Dreaming Back to the Earth"

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Mariko Middleton
Co-Founder & Editor

Mariko Middleton identifies as a seeker, artist, writer, and student of the seen & unseen realms.

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Welcome to our submissions page and thank you for your interest in submitting your creative works to the "Druidical".

We are currently open for May, Spring 2021 submissions.

We will accept submissions on a rolling basis for future publications.  We accept art and writing which speak to nature, the spirituality of nature, paganism, shamanism, and of course Druidry. We are looking for original poetry, art, lyrics, photography; literary or visual art form that can be printed within the specifications below.

WE are excited to welcome submissions from the diversity of passionate bards, artists, and writers both emerging and established. One of our greatest pleasures is being the first to present—in print—an emerging voice.

Here is a little more info on what we are looking for:

relating to Druidry, nature, spirituality, or paganism...

is printable

Poetry: 2-3 poems per submissions

Fiction: manuscripts up to 3 pages

Flash Fiction: manuscripts up to 1,000 words

Images: 2 images of paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures, etc. in high quality jpeg format


Writing Miscellany

All submissions must be typed and prose doubled space. the author/creator's permission to freely use in the booklet and format as needed.

Writing format: We're not fussy about that since when we work with writing, we can change the font style and size if we need to. Double spacing is nice, but not necessary.

Contact info: Include that information at the top of your piece

Pen name: If you use one, you're welcome to list both your legal name and pen name, but that is not required.

With each piece we require a title.

Please provide a 3 sentence bio in short form.

Examples but not limited we accept original short format pieces of all genres for submission, including: poems, new myths, stories, fairy tales, essays, short and flash fiction, drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography, music or lyrics, and creative art and writing which defy conventional and traditional styles for submission.

We cannot consider work that has been previously published.

We hold first serial rights for the material that we publish. The copyright reverts back to the author upon publication. "Druidical" reserves the right to publish individual pieces first published in the online magazine, in an anthology format in the future. 

Please know that we will be reviewing submissions and will be in further contact if we select your work.

Please email your submissions to either kaspermarykay@gmail.com or mariko.middleton@gmail.com

Thank you for your understanding and supporting of this project. 



Reach out to the team at Druidical by filling out the form below.

Thanks for submitting!