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Welcome to Druidical

Druidical is a free-standing print and online Bardic Arts and Literary Journal. It is devoted to honoring the breath of Awen that arises from our direct and indirect connection with the spirit, stories, and beings of the land.

In the Druid tradition, Awen means, ‘inspiration; the flowing spirit of our creative nature.’ The experience of Awen infuses us with ‘Bright Knowledge,’ which nurtures in us a spiritual understanding, leading to the discovery of a pathway to wholeness and a relationship with the land.

​Within Druidical, we share the works of Awen that have been touched by the three drops of the cauldron. Works that guide us to the grove of the deep forest, teach us to swim with the salmon of wisdom, shapeshifts us into the great bear, or compel us to trance dance around the fire. Works that invite us into the myths and legends of our ancestors.

We are a free-standing publication not associated with one organization but instead encourage affiliations with a wide range of pagan and earth-centered organizations.


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Green Mountain Druid Order



The Order of Maine Druidry



Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids


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