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Meet the Contributors

to the 2019 Druidical

Elizabeth Horstmann

Poetry, Artwork; Winter 2019

Elizabeth was aware of her love of writing and poetry from a young age. Her poetry was also recently featured in Zig Zag magazine. She is a mother, artist, writer, preschool teacher, interfaith minister, spiritual seeker, and lover of nature, who is currently finishing her Ovate year via the home-study course of the GMDO.

Eowyn Anne Jameson

Poetry; Winter 2019

Eowyn Anne Jameson, an Elder of the Green Mountain Druid Order since 2009 and Wiccan practitioner of over 25 years, offers her passion as ‘a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves’ in her work with Green Mountain Animal  Defenders and Protect Our Wildlife.  She spends her days as close to Mother Earth as possible on her land in Marshfield, with her two feline companions, Cloud and Onyx.   She writes for pleasure as well as in advocacy for all the sentient children of Gaia.  Her training in herbalism, aromatherapy, Reiki and Animal Reiki, and strong intuitive gifts support her life passion of ‘healing from the heart’: to help others return to the closeness with Nature that has been lost over time, to promote the respect and love that comes from the inherent balance and connection within. 

Katherine Jordan

Poetry; Winter 2019

Katherine lives in Plainfield, VT and is currently starting her Druid year at the Green Mountain Druid School. She has a private practice in Montpelier where she offers mental health counseling and nature-based healing for adolescents and adults. She loves nature, befriending rocks and trees, reading, and getting excited about spring when it’s still February. You will often find her getting lost in the woods, dancing, writing poetry, and playing with her baby nephew who she adores.


Poetry; Winter 2019

Born and raised on the West Coast, I moved to Vermont and fell in love with the land and forest I now call home.  Druid by day, bard by night, I can be found by the fire telling stories, singing to the stars or dancing in the moonlight with the trees.  Wont you come and play with me?

Mary Kay Kasper

Poetry; Winter 2019

More information coming soon...


Art & Photography; Winter 2019

More information coming soon...

Randy Knaggs

Poetry; Winter 2019

Randy Knaggs, Bard Green Mountain Druid Order, Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. Randy has spent the past 35 years, working to empower groups and individuals through adventure and skill building in the outdoors. Working primarily thru the Marlboro College Outdoor Program, Outward Bound and Interlochen Experiential CTR.

DRUID studies have been a joyful & passionate way to expand and compliment the skill I bear to steward our Earth.

Fearn Lickfield

Chant; Winter 2019

Fearn is teacher, administrator, director and chief of the Green Mountain Druid School and Order. She is a skilled facilitator, educator, and Guardian of the Sacred Earth and is committed to healing the earth one person and place at a time.  She weaves her magic through ceremony, community, ecstatic dance, gardens, flower essences, geomancy, and LOVE.

Ivan McBeth

Poetry; Winter 2019

Ivan passed gracefully into the Otherworld on September 23, 2016. 

Ivan McBeth is a Druid in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and is the founder of the Green Mountain Druid Order, a modern mystery school based in Worcester, Vermont. Ivan, with his partner Fearn, teach ongoing 3-year Druid trainings and help guide a steady stream of empowered Druids to make a real difference in the world. 

Mariko Middleton

Poetry & Artwork; Winter 2019

More information coming soon...

Rabbit Medicine Woman, VDB

Poetry; Winter 2019

GMDO Druid, loves rabbits, /I\

Leigh Ann Reynolds

Photography; Winter 2019

Leigh Ann's roots are in Louisiana, where her family still lives. She found her love of the mountains in Montana and has not been able to live anywhere without mountains since. Leigh Ann finished her bardic year in 2018. She now lives in New Hampshire where she is an environmental educator by day and dabbles in photography & poetry in the in between time. Her photographs can be found on the Society6 website under the artist name Mountain Faerie by following this link

Scott Sky Harrington

Photography; Winter 2019

Scott Sky Harrington is a stone mason, gardener, and druid. 

Healing through magic and flowers, creating sacred spaces and time.  

Laura Smith-Riva

Poetry & Mixed Media Art; Winter 2019

More information coming soon...

Jennifer Swiftwater Vyhnak

A Message from Spirit to Share, Winter 2019

Swiftwater, a lover of all expressions of the Divine, has been walking the
Beauty Road for almost 30 years now in the Quaker and Native American
(Cherokee) traditions. She is most grateful to be on the sacred Druid
path, having just finished her Bard year and looking forward to continue
in the Ovate year and beyond. Serving and honoring Spirit, expressed in
all of life, seen and unseen, most especially our beloved Earth, is her greatest joy.

Ben Zelvis

Poetry, Winter 2019

Ben Zelvis is best known formally as the Mayor of Mac & Cheese in some regions, and as the King of Pickles in others. He is a purveyor of pandemonium and peace. He is a friend and espouser of Dandelions and other "weeds". He has been known to rove the night aimlessly and find hidden treasures in snowbanks, dumpsters, and other natural areas.

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